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Rolls Royce Silver Coupe Hoodoos Pic

Ghost Riders

38 vintage Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts came to the Trail of the Hoodoos Tour. All made the demanding trek with a minimum of fuss.

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Ford Show

When Ford Had A Better Idea

While GM flaunted their glitzy Parade of Progress, Motorama and other big travelling extravaganzas, Ford also jumped on the auto-tradeshow bandwagon but with a more subtle approach.

Ford of Canada has displayed its products at special shows for over a century in Canada.

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Flying Bug

Flying Bug

Ettore Bugatti’s genius wasn’t limited to successful Race cars. In collaboration with another visionary, engineer Louis de Monge, they produced the astounding 100P racing plane.

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BNC Special at Watkins Glen Pic

BNC Special: Ford-powered French Charm

Bollack, Netter et Cie was a French automobile manufacturer in the late 1020s and produced some very interesting vehicles. Several achieved racing success and fame including the “special” entered in the first race at Watkins Glen.

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Moto|ology Magazine Spring 2022

Volume 3 Number 2 Issue 10

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