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April 2, 2021

“Write a blog post,” they said. OK, so we put something together that reflects on our first year. Something that explains our logic and thinking (or lack thereof) that led to the launch a publication like this and what’s more, what made me try to do it whilst in the middle of a pandemic and the struggling economy. More importantly, we needed to put something together that says a very big “thank-you” to our contributors, advertisers and sponsors.

First, there’s those fantastic, talented people who have given us their stories and photos and reminded us of all the fascinating intricacies and historical anecdotes of motorized transportation. And to all the people that encouraged this project and believed in the effort to bring something new and a bit different into existence, thank you all so much. It’s appreciated more than you will know.

We’ve had the support and help from some phenomenal professionals like Royce Rumsey, Tim Miller, John Wright and others along with some fabulous input in the form of stories and photos from amateur journalists as well. That was always the intention behind this “vehicle”: to provide a place where the layperson who is committed to their passion can write, photograph and share their love with others in a real, professional magazine that’s both novel with nods to the traditional. A place where anyone and everyone can exercise creative thought and show off their personal talent or just plain explain their feelings on their favourite car, bike, boat, plane, ultralight, you name it. Just so long as it has a motor!

Motoology was never going to ‘just’ be a typical website, it’s a community of enthusiasts. Passionate everyday people who through trial, and sometimes error have become ‘experts’ in many ways and can share ideas and experiences alongside actual experts. Motoology is more then a brand, for those of us lucky enough to live it, it’s a lifestyle.

Anyway, from most people’s comments and conversations, that’s what we’re achieving and that is very satisfying indeed.

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