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The astounding full-sized replica of the fabled Avro Arrow has a home in the Edenvale Aviation Heritage Museum at Edenvale Aerodrome.

Edenvale Arrow

The original star-crossed Avro Arrow met an unfortunate end before it had a chance to prove itself. This wonderful tribute has survived.

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Open Wheel Racing

The Thrill of Open Wheel Racing

While it can’t be claimed that open-wheeled race cars are the safest thing to get your jollies in, there is no doubt that they are probably the purest 4-wheeled racing vehicles and the thrills certainly never stop.

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Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog

Along with all of us here at Moto/ology Magazine, these “Lucky Dogs” celebrated a well-deserved class win in the hotly-contested Canadian racing series!

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Moto|ology Magazine Fall 2022

Volume 3 Number 3 Issue 11

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