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The Magnificent 7

If you have a dyed-in-the-wool car-nut, motorhead or tech-geek, here’s our suggestions for seven presents that’ll please them all!

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Stars & Sunglasses

Star & Sunglasses

If “film noir” ever were an automobile or a person it would most certainly be a black Mercedes 600 and the late Roy Orbison, respectively. Both are quiet, dark and mysterious—with a refined elegance and a compelling nature that lets one know that they are in the presence of greatness.

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Iraqi 1975 Mirage

Iraq Attack Aircraft Tests

Long ago in 1975, back before Saddam Hussein became president and the Shah was still in power in Iran, the Iran-Iraq conflict of the early to mid-seventies was temporarily ended by the Algiers Agreement.

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An old boat sitting on the grass

Boat Buying 101

I was sitting quietly and looking wistfully into the distance while thinking about how much I’m going to miss my old, wee Formula Vee race car now that it’s been sold. The thought of looking for another race car did enter my mind but was now gone in a flash. My wife had entered the room and without batting an eye she looked straight at me and said: “We need a boat.”

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